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For Chrome: Hover your mouse pointer over the small Firefox icon now visible in the Add-in bar at the very bottom of your browser to view instructions. Right click on the icon to open the IE Tab 2 Options configuration panel.

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Be that as it may, when it comes to running some old-school legacy web apps or testing web pages that require ActiveX controls, for example, you might be forced to employ the services provided by Internet Explorer. With its somewhat self-explanatory name, this is where IE Tab comes into play. In just a few words, IE Tab is a useful Chrome extension that allows you to run websites within an Internet Explorer environment, without having to leave Chrome's window even for a second.

This said, installing this extension can be accomplished with just a simple mouse click from the Chrome Web Store. Once this straightforward process is dealt with, you simply need to input the target web address in Chrome's address bar and click the extension's button. Please note that, since the extension emulates an Internet Explorer environment, evidently, it requires you to install an IE rendering engine.

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The first time you try to open a webpage using IE Tab, you will be prompted by a one-time installation steps window. No web inspector though so not perfect for web developers who want to step through the code on their site.

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Actual ie's debugger kept crashing so was hoping this was an alternative. What is purpose of this called "emulator" if I must have installed IE8 or 9 for emulation. It's absolutely unusable and none make sense???!!! I keep getting a [Page Setup] screen pop-up every time I click on a link anywhere. This is very annoying and frustrating.

How to use Internet Explorer on Mac

Is there any way to fix this? They were very common a few years ago, and some Microsoft apps like Outlook Web Access still require IE for many features. I mentioned one IE-only site here: I am using this to see the full-menu that comes with outlook web access.

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Especially the option for archive-explorer secondary storage via symantec archive is not seen in either firefox or chrome. So very helpful there. But I am still looking for something better or just outlook web interface to be as generous with Chrome as it is with IE. Well i want to open IE web site on my anoride phone?

If you are still looking for an answer to this question, try to ask it here: MakeUseOf Answers. Good luck! Khalid, I am looking for this feature on the mobile version of Chrome for either Android or Apple ios? I have a specific site I remotely login into that requires me to carry a laptop to use IE explorer requires IE5.

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Anyway, have you had any luck? Does Chrome for Android support apps and extensions?

How to Enable ActiveX in Google Chrome | It Still Works

Chrome apps and extensions are currently not supported on Chrome for Android. We have no plans to announce at this time. You can try using some sort of VNC client to remote into a Windows computer, but there's no really good option for running IE on a phone well, I guess you could get a Windows Phone!

I use an app called Salesforce. So, when I start the app the software open with screen to enter my login data, and after I put the data in, press start it actually open IE browser, and I would like that the app will continue be open under IE tab.

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  5. Oh, that's too bad -- it sounds like it's hard-coded in Salesforce and you can't change it.