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  • How to Clean Caches & Temporary Files from Mac OS;
  • What Are Caches and Why Delete Them?.
  • Clearing Temporary Internet Files in any Browser.
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About the author. View All Posts. Chris Follow me here: Click here to post a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. There is zero reason to do this. Restarting clears caches, and there is a reason those files are cached. Much like an unskilled person should not be performing surgery or fixing an engine, they should not be digging around on their computer.

And if it is too tempting, get an iPad instead, there is no access to anything to break and it is so limited you can only browse the web, write a little email, or watch videos anyway: I am a very front end user so is this thread relevant to 5 Gb of files that are listed as purgeable when i go the get info function for my internal hard disk, my technical knowledge is limited and i am very keen not to do something that will upset the functioning of mt rMBP.

Clear Temporary Internet Files in any Browser - Steck Insights Web Design

I have an issue that I am hoping someone out there might be able to assist me with. And they disappear. No problem.

How to Clean Caches & Temporary Files from Mac OS

But some sites remain. Does anyone know how I can delete these as well?

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Drives me crazy. Many thanks in advance. Uninstall any antivirus. Those slowdown Macs to a crawl. Update OX, and restart puter once per week. Onyx is so much easier than all this manual stuff…. BTW, advising people to uninstall virus software is irresponsible. Macs are not immune — especially to damaging malware, spyware, phishing attacks.

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GOOD anti-virus software has negligible impact on the speed of a Mac. What slows Macs. Remove that stuff and any Mac. Especially not if you do a lot of web surfing and use social media junk from your Mac. Also I thought i could control what is stored and yet these sites overide my decision to remove them, Many thanks in advance.

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