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With one click, you can add themes for a polished, professional look. Lucidchart's feature set goes beyond just working on a Mac.

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You can work in real-time with anyone, regardless of their operating system. Plus, we make it easy to share your flowchart as a webpage, image, or PDF. On the go? Easily transition between devices to create or modify any flowchart. Because Lucidchart is browser-based, you and your team members can switch seamlessly between PC, iMac, MacBook, and even iPad platforms. GDPR compliant Lucidchart is dedicated to keeping your data private and secure. Learn more x. Sign up free Log in. Make a Flowchart 7 days free or. Flowcharts made easy Don't settle for a Parallels solution when you can use our flowchart maker in your native browser.

Real-time collaboration Lucidchart's feature set goes beyond just working on a Mac. Cross-platform compatibility On the go? Easy to use Making a flowchart should help you move your work along, not slow it down. Designing swimlanes, process maps, process flows, and standard flowcharts is effortless with our drag and drop technology. Simply choose an element and pull it onto the canvas to begin.

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Visio compatible Import a Visio file. Once it's uploaded, you can view the file and make your own edits with our easy-to-use tools. Like SmartDraw, Lucidchart is a cloud based diagramming software that makes it easy to create flowcharts on Mac. It is however very similar on many levels. On the plus side, it is better integrated with Microsoft Office as it has an Office plugin which enables you to create flowcharts directly within Microsoft Office apps such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

The Most Popular Flowchart Software

Lucidchart also allows you to work offline via a free Google Chrome plugin and you can create Lucidchart flowcharts within Google Docs too. Creating flowcharts with Lucidchart is very straightforward. You simply need to enter your email address to go straight to the editor or you can use your Google account to sign-up.

Like all flowchart creation, creating flowcharts with Lucidchart is easier if you approach it methodically as follows. For some steps, you may be unsure of the order in which they should be listed. Ask yourself what decisions need to be made before future steps can happen; this will help you flesh out the process. Lucidchart offers a variety of flowchart templates which do the hard work for you such as the business process template below.

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However, you can simply start from scratch. In Lucidchart, the flowchart shape library is automatically turned on. Begin your flowchart by dragging an elongated rectangle shape into the upper part of your canvas. One you have your starting shape, you can click on any of its edges to drag out a line, which will then prompt you to choose another shape to connect to.

The two most common shapes you will use for your flowchart are:. Depending on the complexity of your flowchart, you may want to add other types of shapes. You can also refer to the flowchart glossary for more flowchart shapes and their meanings. For the last shape in your flowchart, use another elongated circle like the one you began with; this signifies the ending. The paint can on the top panel will help you add color, or you can choose a set theme from the Graphics option on the right-hand panel.

Having color will help your chart stand out and give it a professional touch. The most important thing they should look out for is that each step in your process is clear. Note that anyone you share the flowchart with will require a Lucidchart account in order to view it.

You can sign-up for Lucidchart free for 7 days which can be extended on request to see what you think for yourself. For those that prefer a native desktop flowchart app for Mac over web based apps, OmniGraffle is definitely one of the best diagramming apps for Mac out there. There are generous discounts for educators and students. You can try OmniGraffle free and even if you decide not to upgrade, you can still use OmniGraffle for an unlimited time as a useful free desktop Visio viewer for Mac.

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You can also check out out review of OmniGraffle Pro for more. ConceptDraw Diagram is very good at guiding you through flowchart creation and provides tool tips and explanations of how to construct flowcharts and what individual shapes and symbols should be used for. This helps you find objects and shapes and link them together to create business process flows faster and more professionally. You can also export directly to third party productivity apps such as Microsoft Word, Project and Evernote.

One slight drawback is that the number of objects, symbols and templates is limited in the app itself but you can download more from ConceptDraw Solution Park which also includes audiovisual clips and tutorials to enhance your flowcharts. The interface is similar to Draw. Gliffy is very team focused and like Draw. Gliffy uses HTML5 to provide a very quick and snappy diagramming experience with smooth, fast and quick drag and dropping of objects.

Unlike Draw.

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You can read our full review of Gliffy for more information. Creately is another easy to use cloud diagram software that can import Visio files and make impressive flowcharts in minutes. If you want the option of both a cloud and desktop app, then Creately is a good choice because it has an app you can download for both Mac and PC. The Creately interface is slimline and elegant and really looks at home on Mac.

All tools are in the top menu and adding flowchart shapes and symbols is fast and easy.

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  4. You can also check-out our Creately app review for more. Mindcab Incubator is a much simpler and inexpensive flowchart tool for Mac designed specifically for macOS. Mindcab is more a free form flowchart drawing tool than the other applications featured here but is excellent if you need more flexibility than just adding shapes. Mindcab Incubator allows you to easily organize ideas and draw flowcharts without a complicated interface that overwhelms you. You can drag text and images from other applications installed on your Mac such as Safari, MS Word and add them to your flowcharts and link to external web pages and desktop documents.

    Whimsical is Cloud based and is used by some pretty big names including Netflix, Microsoft and Salesforce. Whimsical is extremely simple and all you require is a Google account or email address to get started.

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    Whimsical is extremely fast to use, creates elegant flowcharts and allows you to collaborate with other users in real-time. Did you know that Google Docs and Drive now offers a free way to draw flowcharts on your Mac. Like most of the Google Docs toolset, its quite simple and basic but very easy to use and works on any platform. All you need is a free Google account in order to use it.